We now offer rehabilitation services here for our residents and community.

How we came to be

Brief History of the RLCC


1949- A hospital was built on this site.  The original building consists of the Mini Hall, the current Dietary area and about half of the current Dining Room.  The Kitchen was the clinic and the rooms were for patients.  The current Dining Area was for Surgery and Labor and Delivery.

1963- The Texas Legislature formed a Hospital District which consists of Commissioner Precinct 1 & 3 of Coke County, Texas.  This Hospital District was given taxing authority over property in West Coke County.

1966- The Hospital District expanded the hospital by building the West side of the facility.  This is the other half of the Dining Room, the front offices, and the 16 rooms on the West side of the facility.  There was a nursery where the DON office and West Shower room are today.  Medical Records was the Emergency Room.  The current Dining room was surgery, and labor and delivery suites.  Many babies were born in this hospital and some of these babies are current employees of the Care Center.  The rooms were furnished by companies and families which is why some of the rooms have plaques on the door.

1971- The East side of the facility was constructed as a Nursing Home.  So, at this time there was a Hospital and a Nursing Home in the same building.  The nursing home had a separate entrance which explains the double doors close to the East Nurses station. 

1986- The Hospital District closed the Hospital, because they could not keep a Doctor in small town America at that time.  The entire facility was then certified as a nursing home.

1991- The current laundry and garage was built.  Prior to this laundry being built, the laundry for the facility was across the street.

The building across Washington Street was built at some time, probably in the 70’s.  At various points in time the following have been in those spaces:  Doctor office, Dentist office, laundry, pharmacy, Home Health Agency, Out-Patient Therapy, Care Center Business Office, and Auxiliary Thrift Shop.  Currently this building is being used by the Coke County Food Pantry with no rent being charged, and the other 3 areas ar used for storage, mainly for Activity and additional Nursing equipment.

2010- We rebuilt the Dining room making many improvements to the area.  We gutted this area leaving only the walls, roof and floor.

2011- We removed the pipes in the ceiling of the hallways and replaced with PEX Pipe (plastic).

2012- August we began construction of the Unit.  This was complete renovation of this area.  We gutted this area leaving only the roof, walls, and floor.  We were able to reoccupy this area in August 2013.

Overall, we have expanded of our facility to 70 beds; to serve the needs of the community and surrounding area.